Audio Visual Production

If your event entails a conference, awards evening, product launch, or appreciation event, we have the most capable technicians who will make sure everything is set up accurately. They will stay throughout the entire event and take care of all the equipment on site to make sure everything runs smoothly. We want your event to stand out and grab the attention of your guests and with the level of dedication and technical expertise of our staff, we’ll ensure that’s exactly what it will do.

Corporate Events Have Special Technical Needs

Some corporate events have keynote speakers, or planned company speeches throughout the event. We will take care of the sound systems, the microphones, the podiums, and run sound checks before and throughout the day to make sure everything goes smoothly. We will also set up large screens around the venue or location for any projected images or presentations you may want to display. If you need a video presentation created, we have access to trained videographers and editors that will help you create your vision.


Designing and organizing an unforgettable event atmosphere can make all the difference in the success of your evening.  Special event lighting is a designer’s secret weapon to completely transform an event space. The right lighting can leave a lasting impact on your guests. Too bright, and you leave attendees cowering and covering their eyes; too dark, and it’s impossible to get a good read on the evening! Professional, high-quality event lighting can instantly transform any event from ordinary into extraordinary. At event 2 event, we provide a wide array of decorative and fun lighting options from you to select from.



Utilizing the right lighting for your next event doesn’t have to be difficult, but can present challenges. With so many options available, you might be wondering how to handle such an important aspect of your event. And, with a wealth of emerging technologies in event lighting, it might seem a little overwhelming. event 2 event is here to help, with innovative concepts that don’t break the bank. We offer LED up-lighting, gobos, spotlights, string lighting, decorative chandeliers for  your conferences, holiday events, galas, product launches and anniversaries. Whatever you can envision, we can deliver!


Understanding Your Event Requirements

Lighting can make a huge impact on your event. Turn an ordinary event into something extraordinary. At event 2 event we consider the size and scale of your venue and the structural integrity of the space you’ll be celebrating in. Your event planner will be able to better understand these things and can help you plan the lighting options that are best for you.

Let’s Bring Your Event into a New Light

Ready to get started with providing professional, high-quality lighting for guests at your next corporate event? Contact us today for more specific information regarding lighting, event design, venues, and all other event production needs. We can’t wait to hear from you!