Event Marketing & Branding Services

Marketing & Branding Your Event

Our philosophy is simple!  We think when hosting your company picnic, holiday party, anniversary, or any event you may have, it should be branded with your name.  We look at it as a business expense that contributes to the overall success of your company.

Integrating Your Brand

A big part of marketing is branding. Good branding for your event is essential for your next corporate event. At event 2 event, we’ve got over twenty years of experience arranging successful branding for employee appreciation, team building events, award evenings, and corporate holiday parties. Corporate events benefit greatly from having your company logo and design shining on the walls and seamlessly integrated into the venue. When it comes to effective branding, we love to think outside the box. Good marketing also includes staying on top of the most recent technology.

Innovative Event Marketing Approaches

Social media plays a big part in marketing for your corporate event, in a way that is both fun and entertaining for your guests. For corporate events, Facebook and Twitter  are becoming more and more relevant.  event 2 event is not your typical event company, because we always strive to find the most creative ways for your business and guests to engage in current marketing tools, to make sure you’re seen and heard in all aspects of social media.

Branding Events

In today’s competitive world it’s important to put your best foot forward. Your business should be highly visible and always presented in the best light possible. When it comes to showcasing your brand at your next corporate event, event 2 event has you covered. We realize the importance of a successful branding. Good marketing and effective branding is often a fun, entertaining way to advertise. Our experienced event designers want to learn about your product or company, so that they can help you show it off in style.

Event Branding

Our professional event planners will create unique ideas that will incorporate your company logo into your event.  We will ensure that the event design covers the look, theme, and feel of your business while highlighting your brand. The goal here is to think outside the box to create branding ideas that are interesting enough for your guests to remember.

Product Launch

A product launch is your opportunity to show your target audience what you’ve been working on. You can impress potential customers and investors alike by pulling out all the stops with event 2 event. It doesn’t even matter what your new product is. With event 2 event planning your product launch party, people will want to buy what you’re selling.

Launch Your Product in Style

What makes a great product launch party?  It is when you hire the right event company that provides you with an amazing event venue, fabulous entertainment, great food and branded promotional materials everywhere.

Full-Service Event Planning

You’ve spent time developing your product, but not much time thinking about the product launch party. That’s where event 2 event comes in. Just tell us about the product you’re launching, the number of guests, and your budget, and we’ll figure out the rest. We can secure your venue on short notice, and can pull your party together in no time. Planning a product launch event is easy when you’re working with us.

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