Virtual Holiday

The Pandemic doesn’t have to eliminate the magic of the holidays.  We have developed exciting, fun and safe virtual engaging event options for kids and adults.

Let your employees know the party doesn’t have to stop, it’s just temporarily changing with the times!

Our event package options include:

(please note we can combine options and come up with a customized  live event)

Visit with Santa:

Take a tour of Santa’s living room from the comfort of your home.  We have created a customized studio set-up that includes a Santa backdrop with a throne, Christmas tree and presents.  Guests will get private visits with Santa through our streaming platform.

Build a bear family event

We will put together a kit for each child that includes:

  • Animal stuffing
  • Markers for decorating
  • Delivery
  • Instructions

Optional- a live host can instruct using a streaming platform

Virtual Dance Party

Guests are invited to participate in a high energy virtual dance party. Our professional dancers will teach guests new moves to the latest songs with the help of our MC/D.J.  This package includes a 30-45 minute high energy show via our streaming platform.

Virtual Illusion Show

This family show offers guests the ability to watch spectacular illusions and participate right from the comforts of their home.  It is highly entertaining, sure to keep your attention.

Optional:  Kids can receive their own magic kits for them to use while watching in advance.

The show includes a 30 minute show

Holiday Craft Kit

We put together a box of goodies filled with 1 DIY holiday ornament, Packages of sparkles and crafts to go inside it, glue etc. 1 DIY holiday snowman craft, cookie dough and sprinkles kit, 1 cotton candy tub, fun pad and crayons.

Holiday Movie Package

Bring back the feeling of group participation while safely distancing in your car. This package includes setting up a large movie screen in your company parking lot with FM transmission and a box of concession items for each guest.  This package includes: large screen with live video feed (up to 150 guests at a time)/ Beverage, fresh popcorn, instruction card. Please note we can also do live performances and set-up a stage instead)

Additional Arts and Craft Packages

Tie-Dye Kit

Candy package.  Includes Container, gems, sparkles, stickers for decorating, instructions.

Adult Party ideas

Virtual Family Feud: this package is a great way to engage employees in a remote team building activity.  Teams will compete for fun and a chance to win on-line prizes.  This package includes: 1 hr. activity, a host, on-line buzzer for participants, customized questions, coordination via streaming platform.

Virtual Casino: Using the latest technology, a live table and a dealer. We recreate a casino night experience for your team!  Join in our casino night and play black jack, roulette, craps, money wheel and poker.  Remotely play with colleagues with a live dealer

Food Trucks: We can arrange any kind of food truck on your behalf that meets all the health and safety measures. This is a great way to be able to have events that are social, while maintaining your distance.

Home Entertaining boxes: We can put together  customized items for your employees to be able to use while participating in a customized virtual holiday party event.

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